This project will provide you hours of excitement and fun not only because it has outstanding flying characteristics but also because is simple to build.

Aluminum alloy tubes are utilized in most of the craft; some steel tubing and sheets are needed to give the ultralight the necessary strength in certain areas (like landing gear).

Most of the assemblies are realized by bolting and riveting, there is a minor steel welding required.

The double surface wings are fabric covered in the same way as conventional aircraft.

The wings can be detached for transportation and storage.

The plans shows the parts dimensions and with the help of perspective and exploded views drawings, the builder can quickly understand, almost at a glance, how the parts have to be constructed and assembled.

Specifications and Performances

Wing Span: 30 ft.
Wing Area: 144 sq.ft.
Wing Loading: 3.47 lbs/sq.ft.
Height: 7.4 ft.
Length: 16.4 ft.
Max. Gross Wt.: 500 lbs.
Empty Wt.: 250 lbs.
Payload (full fuel): 250 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 5 gal.
Seats: 1
Range: 180 sm.
Takeoff dist.: 100 ft.
Landing dist.: 100 ft.
Vmax. : 96 mph
(Max. allowable speed,level flight, std. day)
Cruise: 60 mph
Stall: (stall clean): 26 mph
Climb rate@ msl: 1000 fpm.
Engine recommended: 42 hp

Not designed for Aerobatics

Preparing it for a flight
Click on drawing to enlarge
cockpit details

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