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Osvaldo Durana
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Welcome to our web site!
Plans Delivery is a technical service for amateur builders and enthusiasts, those of you that like me, enjoy been at their home workshops taking care of a project.

Our experience in design and prototype construction enable us to provide you with professionally drafted plans and instructions, that are delivered to you almost instantly and as a bonus the price of our plans are extremely low!

Pictured here is our gallery of some of the products that we have been developed and built, from sports cars to experimental aircraft.

We are working in several other plans that will be displayed here, If you have suggestions or ideas about plans you would like to see here, feel free to contact us.

I hope you enjoyed visiting our site and don't forget to download our FREE
sample plans.


Osvaldo Durana

Helicopter enclosure design
4 cylinder 2 cycle Experimental aircraft engine
modeller's  mini-lathe Helicopter powered by car engine Experimental Aircraft Design
Spitfire replica (full size )

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