The builder
Alberto Sanchez's FIGHTER
Alberto and his ultralight

In the city of Lincoln in Buenos Aires province, one of the richest agricultural and cattle zones of Argentina, lives Alberto Sanchez, who have been in love with aviation since he was a kid, several years from now he decided to pursue his long time wish: to have his own airplane to fly just for the joy of it.
After searching for some aircraft to buy, he learned that most airplanes were out of his reach, and some he find on the cheap side, needed a mayor overhaul and a lot of money to keep them flying.
Then a friend tells him about the Fighter Ultralight plans and he immediately fell in love with the idea of making his own flying machine.
After having his plans printed out on his ink jet printer, he pasted them all over the wall of his home workshop, then he spend several days to study them until a -Fighter Ultralight was made in my head – using his own words to describe when he got the whole picture.
He started with the tail group, which is composed of small parts and is good to gain momentum.
It was a very enjoyable time, crafting with dedication every part.
After the completion of his craft he started to taking flying classes, so he first graduated as a builder and then as a pilot.
A friend of him, who is an experienced private pilot was in charge to perform all test flying, after correcting and adjusting and making several flying hours on the newly Fighter, he give it back to Alberto, so he can start enjoying his own creation.

Fighter at the hangar
Ultralight rear view
Tail group

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