Build your own personal helicopter

The Furia is a real helicopter, designed and developed for amateur construction.

This award winner design incorporate clever mechanical solutions to obtain a vehicle with remarkable stable flying characteristics.

The two bladed main rotor is semi articulated, its exclusive design gives the builder the chance to make a good and sound construction with relative ease.

To ensure a precise and smooth operation, all mobile parts have been mounted on bearings.

Tail rotor is shaft driven which guarantee a positive power transmission without the problems seen in belt arrays.

Rigid Push-Pull control rods are used for cyclic and collective pitch controls.

The main rotor mast and the tail boom are made out of an aluminum alloy tube, speeding and simplifying the construction process.

The helicopter main structure as well as the rugged skids are made with aircraft quality steel tubes, providing a strong support for all components.

Furia flying

Specifications and Performances

Main Rotor Diameter: 19 ft.
Tail Rotor Diameter: 3.6 ft.
Height: 6.9 ft.
Length: 12.5 ft.
Max Gross Weight: 700 lbs.
Empty Weight: 325 lbs.
Payload (with full fuel) : 350 lbs.
Fuel capacity: 8 gal.
Seats: 1
Range: 80 sm.
Take Off Distance: 0 ft.
Landing Distance: 0 ft.
Vmax.: 95 mph (max. allowable speed level, flight sea level std. day)
Vcr: 70 mph
Climb Rate @ msl: 1100 fpm.
Service Ceiling: 12500 ft.
Engine: Rotax 582 - 65 hp.

main rotor head
Primary Structure
tail rotor
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