Spitfire Replica Project

If you have been dreaming about having your own fighter plane, this may be your chance to make your dreams come true.

We are glad to offer you an accurate replica of the famous British World War II fighter:
The Spitfire Mk IX

This full scale replica made with composites have been conceived in order to comply with the experimental aircraft category

But what we are offering you here is more than just a plane, as the project is unfinished it's an excellent opportunity to use it for other side business that will pay you back several times what we are asking for the replica itself

Get our e-book with all details about how this replica was made plus our business opportunities report that will explain how you can turn this replica into a very atractive business.

Spitfire e-book $ 14,95
plus Business opportunities report FREE

For alternate payment options please click here
Spitfire replica
full size aircraft replica
e-book plus FREE report

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